Upcoming Release Features and Modifications - To be updated April 9, 2018


Highlights From Latest Release - March 30, 2018:

    • Confirmed Clearwave can support the new Medicare member ids.

    • Mobile Emails can be customized with provider specific branding, such as colors, logos, and messaging.
      • The email can also now include an accompanying attachment.

    • Mobile Emails will be sent in Spanish if the patient chose to complete their last kiosk session in Spanish.

    • New Optional Task rules for incomplete kiosk sessions. Create two new task rules when the kiosk fails to complete for the following reasons:
        1. "Selected, I am not the patient"
          1. The patient manually aborted check-in by clicked the "not patient" button
        2. "Kiosk session incomplete"
          1. The session timed out by the application

          2. The patient manually aborted check-in


    • Mobile Reports tab includes location statistics.


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