Janus Installation/Update:

  1. Type qu1ckl0ck to bring up the CMD prompt.
  2. Type kc restore and press enter in the command prompt. This will disable the kiosk to run Windows Explorer.

3.   Type sadmin disable and press enter in the command prompt. This will disable McAfee to install new software.

4.  Type kc reboot and press enter to reboot the kiosk into normal windows mode.












5. Highlight C:\Clearwavekioskinstaller and delete the folder.














6. Start Internet Explorer to select the most recent version of the installer at http://kioskinstaller.s3.amazonaws.com/list.html and download the file. When prompted, click on the ‘Save’ button. Once the download is complete, then click the ‘Run’ button.























7. Extract the Installer package to: C:\












8. Go to C:\clearwavekioskinstaller\Janus and copy all files.













9. Go to: C:\Program Files\Clearwave\Kiosk and paste the new files here.












FreedomPay Installation & Configuration:

  1. Go to C:\clearwavekioskinstaller\freedompay and double click file name FreedomPay FCC_Client_Install.bat. to install FreedomPay.
  2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\FreedomPay\FreewayCommerceConnect. Right click servers.xml file then select Edit.








   3. Change the FigaroServers to the following, save and close the file:
<FigaroServer server=”fcca.clearwaveinc.com” port=”30097”/>
<FigaroServer server=”fccb.clearwaveinc.com” port=”30098”/>










4. Open the FreewayClientService.exe.config file to update the storeId and TerminalId that will be provided by UAB/FreedomPay.

5. Select File and save before closing the file.


6. Open Task Manager and select the Startup tab. Right click FCCUI to disable.




To install card swipe:
1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\FreedomPay\FreewayCommerceConnect and click on FreewayMsrLib-LibUsbDrivers.exe










2. Install window will open, click Next and use all the default values to finish installation.












Solidifying Kiosk:

  1. Go to C:/ClearwavekioskInstaller/Janus and double click the KioskShell.exe application file. Open the command prompt by typing qu1ckl0ck.



















  1. Type kc initlock and press Enter.












  1. Type sadmin so and press Enter.









  1. When the solidification has finished type sadmin enable and press Enter. Solidification will take approximately one hour.




  1. Type kc reboot and press Enter. The kiosk will reboot and is now ready. Both lights on card swipe should be green. (Will only occur when card swipe is connected)



























Adding FreedomPay Merchant Account in Provider Portal:

  1. Select Payments>Gateway Configuration to Payment Gateway Configuration page.
  2. Select FreedomPay and fill out Name to FreedomPay, Default Web Service URL should be http://cw-l-fccserver:1011
  3. Set Default Web Service Timeout (seconds) to 60 and save changes.

    Adding FreedomPay Merchant Account in Organization:
  1. Select Admin and click on the registration location followed by the payment tab.
  2. Under Basic Payment Settings, make sure that ‘Payment Processing Enabled’ is checked.
  3. Set Merchant Account to FreedomPay-FreedomPay. All credit cards choices should be selected and click Save changes at the bottom of the page.










4. Select Merchant Accounts tab in the Organization.
5. Select FreedomPay in the ‘Gateway’ dropdown options and type FreedomPay in the description. StoreId should be listed based on what is provided by FreedomPay (and/or UAB). Click Save Merchant Account to save changes.

**StoreId in the screenshot below was supplied only for testing.