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Highlight From June 2020


  • Value Report -Reg. Location Specific Kiosk Utilization Percentage fixed:

  • Value Report PDF generating blank fixed

  • Added a Provider filter option to the payment export report


  • Ability to send Printable Forms to Nextech Practice +

    • Document Reference: Printable Custom Form PDF

      • The outbound settings must be configured correctly
        • "Printable Custom Forms Upload Enabled (PDF)" must be checked in order to send any Consents outbound.
        • A Note Category and Doc Typecode must be specified for each form to be sent to Nextech
          • See Note Category section below for list of values for Note Category
        • If either Note Category or Doc Typecode is left blank, the consent will not be sent.
        • The Printable Custom Form can be viewed on the patient under "Documents" in Nextech

  • Payment posting with Nextech Select fixed

    • Outstanding Balances

      Message Type(s): [GET]

      Setting under Nextech API settings:  Inbound Outstanding Balance Sync Enabled

      If this setting is enabled, we will initiate the Account Get call through the Appointment Syncs (manual & job) 

      Credits will also be notated on the patient "Account Credited" checkbox on the Clearwave Appointment.  This won't be visible or usable unless you turn the Registration Location/Payment Tab setting on for account credited.  

      Each patient will have their own account.  We only receive PATIENT balances and credits (not INSURANCE ones).

      No bad debt or collections logic exists at this time.


  • BCBS NY Excellus - Created Custom logic for Primary Care and Specialist Copay determination

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