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The below table shows all possible flags that can be triggered for an Appointment and/or a Visit:

A task is a reminder for staff to do a certain action related to an Appointment, Visit or both.  Tasks can be set to trigger on a variety of rules such as the type of appointment the patient is coming in for, or the provider, payer, age, etc.

**We strongly recommend that you contact support to set up tasks, unless you had superuser training**

Tasks can be set up under Admin > Registration Location, click on the location you would like to add a task for > Tasks tab:


Click on New Task, name the task and type in the instructions.  Choose if the task should populate for a visit or appointment, then set the rule:

The next check-in that meets all the requirements for the task will populate as an alert on the dashboard unde the Tasks column:

Staff can address the task by clicking directly on the icon.  It will open a new window, the directions on how to address the task will appear if the title of the task is clicked.  Once the staff member has completed the task, they can close by clicking Close Task:


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