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Upcoming Release Features and Modifications - Coming

June 19

July 2, 2019

Highlight From Latest Release - June


19, 2019

  • You have the ability to modify the payer name the staff and the patients see when using Clearwave.  Please reach out to support for details on this feature. Upon release of this feature, there will be two payer name fields visible in the Provider Portal:  Provider Payer and Eligibility Payer.  The patients will continue to see the existing payer list until it is modified. Clearwave can now send demographic updates to Nextech.

EDI Changes May and June 2019

June 2019

EDI-1758 John Hopkins Medicine- Deactivate Payer

EDI-1759 Health Partners- Deactivate Payer

 Group Health Coop of Eau Clair-  New URL-  The site now requires an email address as the username. Per Shane with Change- Via Email on 6/12/19. Service Order#8004819623

May 2019

EDI-1751 Virginia Premiere- deactivate payer 

EDI-1743 PHCS Savility- deactivate payer

EDI-1744- Martins Point- deactivate payer (temporary) 

EDI-1745 Priority Partners- deactivate payer 

EDI-1750 Aetna has recently made some changes to their 271 logic returning "Consultation" vs "Specialist" causing Clearwave to not be able to parse out the specialist copay unless client manually submits STC 3. A blast went out to client regarding this on 5/21/19

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