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Upcoming Release Features and Modifications - Coming Mar 13, 2019

  • Allow the patients who are in Request Reschedule or Request Cancel to be checked into the kiosk. Previously these new statuses were preventing patient's appointments from checking in.
  • For Freedom Pay merchants, Clearwave has been working on certifying a new client for the kiosk, as well as server. Support will be contacting you about updating your kiosks.
  • Similar to the appointment search in the Provider Portal, users will be able to search the visit list by payer/s. On the Visit Search tab, click the Search Filters option to choose the payer filter.


Highlight From Latest Release - Feb 27, 2019

    • Mobile Pre-Check TM users can now fully manage and/or delete their insurance records during the pre-check. The changes will be reflected on the corresponding appointment.
    • Stricter default kiosk matching logic changed to +/- 1 year when performing fuzzy date of birth matching. It was previously +/- 7 years
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Highlight From Latest Release - Feb 13, 2019

  • Continuing to build out the connection to the Nextgen API. This is scheduled to be ready for use February 27th.
  • Ability for a patient to request a reschedule or request a cancellation of their appointment.This feature can be enabled as part of Mobile Pre-Check TM
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