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Upcoming Release Features and Modifications - Coming Sept 12, 2018

Integration Event for Insurance Updates during Mobile Pre-CheckTM

  • Clearwave can now send insurance updates out to external systems when the patient makes an insurance update during the Mobile Pre-Check TM session.

"Swipe & Hold" Branding Change to "Card on File"

  • All references to Swipe&Hold will be changed to Card on File

Saved Query Feature

  • Clearwave now has a 'save query' option for saving portal report and search queries. This will allow users who have permission to access Reports to create 'Saved Queries' for future use.  Simply name the queries and make them private (only they can see and run the query) or public (anyone within their org and see and run the query). The saved queries will apply to both visit/appointment searches AND searches in the Reports tab. 

Cropped Driver's Licenses can be sent on more integration events.

  • The following events can include the cropped driver's license picture.
    • Drivers License Image Uploaded At Kiosk
    • Drivers License Image Uploaded At Portal
    • Check In Completed
    • Visit Patient Tracking Status Code Changed


Highlights From Latest Release - Aug 29, 2018

  • NexTech API Integration

    • Clearwave now supports API integration with NexTech EMR and Practice Management Software

    Rectangle Health (RetrieverMed) Card on File (previously known as Swipe and Hold) Enrollment Query

    • Configure the kiosk to search the enrollment status in RetrieverMed for patient's current Card on File status prior to prompting to hold credit card for payment.

    Additional Image (Person Picture and Prescriptions) support in Mobile Pre-Check TM

    • Configure the Mobile Pre-Check TM session to capture the patient's Person Picture and Prescriptions.
    • Setup portal flags on the appointment and visit to show when the patient uploaded their Person Picture and Prescriptions.
    • Configure to send the person picture and prescription images captured at Mobile Pre-Check TM through integration.