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To use when the log-in password for a payer using direct enhanced connection has timed out and needs to be updated.

Note: these passwords must be changed on the payer provider portal directly before updating Clearwave, as it is the payer's provider portal that is expiring the passwords. 

Direct Connection Password Change:

1. In the top right corner of your Clearwave portal, click on the middle icon that looks like a megaphone:

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2. This will open a new window that will display all the payer notifications. The payer notification window will say "(payer) has an invalid login to the payer website. Click the payer name to update and re-enable the connection" if a payer needs a password update and will look something like this:

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3. Clicking on the payer's name brings up a window like the below where you can update the password, select the 'Active' box, click save and the payer connection will be re-established.

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OR - the below instructions provides an alternative way to keep track of these payer passwords


  1. Go to the Admin tab at the top of the page

  2. Select the tab on the left that says, "Eligibility"

  3. Under the first tab, "Providers" is a list of the current providers associated with the account. Under the column, "Payer Registrations," there is a blue link labeled "Edit" with a parenthesis and the number of direct connection payers currently on file. Click on this link.

  4. The payer that needs a password change will be highlighted in red, the rest will be green. 

  5. Clicking on the name of the payer will bring up the login information for that direct connection. The important fields here are the username, password, and making sure the boxes for "active" and "enabled" are checked. Don't forget to save your changes!