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While under the patient appointment history view, you can click on the icon under either of the insurance headings (primary, secondary, or tertiary). 

Once you click on that icon, a screen will pop up allowing you to resubmit the insurance. This tool is useful if the patient's insurance has spelling errors or incorrect information that needs to be edited and sent back through an eligibility check.


The example patient above shows when "resubmit insurance" is necessary. There is an alert showing the insurance does not recognize the patient's information as someone on file. This could happen for a number of reasons: the member ID could be wrong, the name on file could be a nickname and not the patient's full name, the payer could be experiencing time-outs. If "resubmit insurance" is necessary, this link will bring up a new window.


There are two tabs to view on this window, one for primary and one for secondary insurance. Simply click on the name at the top to switch between tabs. Here is where all changes to the insurance can be made before it is resubmitted. After insurance is resubmitted, the window will disappear and there will be an hourglass in place of the eligibility alert while it resubmits the data. (HINT: you might need to refresh your window to receive the updated information).


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