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New Features and System Updates

  • Confirmed Clearwave can support the new Medicare member ids.

  • Mobile Emails can be customized with provider specific branding, such as colors, logos, and messaging.
    • The email can also now include an accompanying attachment.

  • Mobile Emails will be sent in Spanish if the patient chose to complete their last kiosk session in Spanish.

  • New Optional Task rules for incomplete kiosk sessions. Create two new task rules when the kiosk fails to complete for the following reasons:
      1. "Selected, I am not the patient"
        1. The patient manually aborted check-in by clicked the "not patient" button
      2. "Kiosk session incomplete"
        1. The session timed out by the application

        2. The patient manually aborted check-in


  • Mobile Reports tab includes location statistics.  
    • Data is filterable by date and registration location.        


  • Greenway Intergy interface supports Mobile appointment confirmations.

  • Greenway PrimeSUITE interface supports Mobile Pre-Check updates.

Payer Updates

  • Adjustments to BCBS TN to update PCP copay parsing

  • Adjustments to Viva Health to improve PCP and Specialist copay parsing improvements


Please contact Support at with any questions, feedback or to enable any new features.

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Kiosk and Provider Portal. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 

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