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New Features and System Updates

Mobile Pre-Check integration support

  • The following interfaces now have additional integration events to support Appointment Confirmations from the Mobile Pre-Check.
    • AdvancedMD 
  • Insurance member ids entered during the Mobile Pre-Check session will be stripped of non-alphanumeric characters.
    • If users enter member ids with special characters, such as 123-45-222*02, the id will be stored on the patient record only as 1234522202.

  • Slight text changes to the Mobile Account Creation and Account Link pages to better inform the user of the Mobile process.
    • Terms of Use text font size has been made smaller to match the text on the rest of the page. 
    • Mobile account welcome email text has been modified to include a contact address.
    • Account creation and Pre-Check instruction text has been modified to increase function clarity.
  • Credit card receipts from payments made at chip supported devices will contain EMV required data.
    • Per Merchant Services standards, the following fields have been added to all EMV chip receipts:
      • AID, Application label, Mode, TVR, IAD, TSI, ARC

Payer Updates

  • Adjustments to Medicaid NC to handle when an eligibility response returns two conflicting inactive and active segments.


Please contact Stephanie Servy at with any questions, feedback or to enable any new features.

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Kiosk and Provider Portal. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 

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