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New Features and System Updates

  • Visit Timer

    • Custom timer is now available for checked in visits.

    • Visit row will highlight yellow when tracking status is not changed from “Checked In” to a subsequent status within a specified time-frame.

    • Setting configurable by Registration Location, Provider, Service or Appointment Location.

  • Advanced Matching at the Kiosk
    • Advanced Match is an alternative to the default Clearwave Kiosk Matching Logic.
    • It allows the kiosk to match the patient based on Name, Date of Birth and up to 3 additional criteria. Those fields are Social Security Number (or Last 4 SSN), Phone Number (Primary or Secondary) and Email Address.
    • You may customize the matching logic by Registration Location.
    • An example of the new matching logic would be Name AND Date of Birth AND Social Security Number OR Phone Number OR Email Address.

  •   Last 4 digits of Social Security Number Built-In field is now available.
  •   Resolved issue with Eligibility Conflict Flag not highlighting Last Name discrepancies in red.

Please contact Stephanie Servy at with any questions, feedback or to enable any new features.

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Kiosk, Provider Portal, Eligibility, Integration and Mobile Pre-Check. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 

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