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  • Eligibility New configuration for Payer has been added to Service Type Code overrides

  • Eligibility Update to Medicare logic to exclude gender from 270 eligibilty request
  • Eligibility Enhancements to copay pull for Regence BCBS when the service type code for Occupational Therapy is sent in the 270 eligibility request
  • Integration New setting to control whether only new and/or cached 271 parsed responses will be sent in outbound message to external system
  • Integration Prevent 271 eligibility response data from appearing in the outbound eligibility message until transaction has completed
  • Kiosk Added asterisks to display last few digits of Member ID on Insurance Review Screen

  • Kiosk Added Persian Farsi as a language check-in option
  • Kiosk Edited punctuation for multiple languages at the kiosk
  • Provider Portal Optimized display of Reports Dashboard
  • Provider Portal Improved display of Printable Custom Form in the Provider Portal
  • Provider Portal A user can now configure enabled/disabled appointment resources through the file upload
  • Provider Portal Added "Self Pay" service fee column to the Payments Report

Bug Fixes

  • Integration We are now only attempting to send the payment posting message once when Mirth times out
  • Integration We can isolate and re-send errored payment posting messages due to Mirth/other timeouts.
  • Kiosk The Thank You screen is now displaying the time and/or provider of the appointment being checked in
  • Kiosk An issue where patients were being checked in as "walk-ins" and not matching to their appointment has been resolved
  • Kiosk Updated instructions on identification and insurance card scanning screens
  • ProviderPortal Resolved brief PatientDemographicsUpdate error that occurred for PrimeSUITE customers

Please contact Stephanie Servy at with any questions or to enable any new features.

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Kiosk, Provider Portal, Eligibility and Integration. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 

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