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  • Eligibility Last Name is now an optional field for the Check Eligibility feature under Patient Search
  • Mobile Portal Add pagination to Custom Fields and Consents that appear under Additional Information
  • Integration Include Overall Status Indicator Code in the outbound eligibility message
  • Provider Portal Add Mobile Check-In as “Submitted by” source for eligibility history.
  • Provider Portal Change color of Appointment Status to blue for Mobile Check-In
  • Provider Portal New setting to customize contact information for Mobile Notifications and Reminders by Registration Location
  • Provider Portal Add Email and Appointment Status fields to the Mobile Check-Ins by Guest report export
  • Provider Portal Tasks can now appear if the patient performed a Mobile Check-In
  • Provider Portal Visit Searches and Appointment Searches may now be filtered by Demographics and Insurance Updated at Mobile Check-In flags

Bug Fixes

  • Eligibility Updated logic for copay pulls for the following payers:  Aetna, Blue Shield (CA), Carefirst Blue Choice and Regence BCBS
  • Integration Driver’s Licenses that fail the OCR scan for walk-in visits will no longer be sent in the outbound integration message upon the visit linking up with the subsequently scheduled appointment
  • Mobile Portal Consents and questions under the Additional Information section will now display previously entered answers upon navigating away and back to the page
  • Mobile Portal Free Text questions now display instructions lines 1 and 2 in the proper format
  • Mobile Portal Updates to patient Name, Date of Birth and Gender will apply to all insurances of record
  • Provider Portal Clicking on See Changes under a patient’s Insurance History no longer displays an error
  • Provider Portal Patient Opt-Out report generation is now quicker and only displays patients that were opted out through the Unsubscribe feature or by a Clearwave User
  • Provider Portal Mobile Check-Ins by Guest report is now querying patients according to the Registration Location time zone for the appointment date search range


Please contact to enable any new features or enhancements

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Mobile Portal, Eligibility, Provider Portal and Integration. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 

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