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    • Provider Portal Administration User Roles can now be allowed to view only selected Clearwave Reports (payment, eligibility, etc.). 
    • Provider Portal Administration Rules have been enhanced so that logic/notifications work with any field that the patient did not enter a value.
    • Kiosk English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese languages have been updated for grammar and aesthetics. 
    • Kiosk Instances of multiple question marks in certain kiosk language sessions have been corrected.  

Bug Fixes


    • Kiosk Instances of Russian kiosk sessions displaying distorted final screens have been resolved. 
    • Provider Portal Administration Rules for Tasks resulting in incorrect behavior have been resolved. 
    • Provider Portal Administration Removing user role now removes all access to Clearwave Reports.
    • Eligibility Instances of eligibility transactions pulling incorrect service date have been resolved.
    • Provider Portal Filters for visits with multiple appointments now filters data correctly. 
    • Integration Payment integration message that fail to post no longer post multiple copayments or balances paid.
    • Eligibility Co-payments for UPMC have been updated and are now correctly determined.  


Please contact to enable any new features or enhancements

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Provider Portal 3.0, Kiosk and Integration. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 

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