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  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Additional colors added for patient tracking status
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Appointment Reminder Feature Flag - phase 1 complete (Coming Soon!)
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - "Payment Incomplete" Task available for Card On File
  • Reports - "Express Check-In Flag" has been added to the Visit Search export
  • Kiosk - Korean language has been added to the kiosk
  • Kiosk - Card On File will be set as "Declined" if kiosk session is aborted
  • Integration - Setting to only send AppointListGet calls for Intergy and PrimeSUITE for existing locations 
  • Integration - Ability to send consent forms as jpeg files
  • Payment - Setting available to send all payment types made at a kiosk as one amount to Intergy

Bug Fixes

  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Insurance names will update on appointments with demographic update
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Skipping a custom question at the kiosk will not cause an error when trying to print a Custom Form with this question included
  • Kiosk - "Terminate Kiosk Check-In" flag set to "true" one one appointment will not prevent another appointment from being checked-in
  • Eligibility - UHC Copay will correctly pull Specialist amount



Please contact to enable any new features or enhancements

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Provider Portal 3.0, Kiosk and Integration. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 

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