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  • Provider Portal 3.0 - New "Merged Patients" tab under "Patients" page allows Admins of Clearwave to undo a patient merge
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Ability to rotate upside down card images while in the "Resubmit" screen
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Dynamic default billable care providers per appointment resource for Greenway PrimeSUITE customers
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - New Payment Icon for Card On File transaction - this will display as a purple dot with the amount presented
  • Integration - Ability to update patient demographics, update patient flow status, and send documents outbound to Intergy
  • Payment - Card On File function available for Retrievermed clients
  • Payment - Email confirmation removed when Card On File is enabled
  • Payment - Card On File can be enabled for specific Registration Locations 
  • Payment - The portal payment status pop-up window will have a 'Card On File' label on the payment receipt window
  • Eligibility - Prefix of Member ID for payer Horizon HJ Health will be removed when submitting eligibility to prevent rejection

Bug Fixes

  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Rotating insurance card images after swapping the images will rotate the correlating image
  • Integration - Primary (Home) Phone has been fixed to update Patient Home Phone and Emergency Contact Phone will update Emergency Contact Home Phone
  • Kiosk - Kiosk will not check for copay if payment processing is not enabled
  • Kiosk - Card On File consent will display before payment can be made
  • Eligibility - If the gender is "unknown", Clearwave will not send that information to the payer to avoid rejection of eligibility request
  • Eligibility - BCBSSC copay logic has been fixed to display correct copay for Primary Care Provider
  • Payment - If Card On File is enabled, and the patient owes a balance, but disagrees to the Card On File consent and does not pay at the kiosk, the balance will still be displayed in the payment icon in the Clearwave portal
  • Payment - Disagreeing to the Card On File consent will not generate an error at the kiosk

Please contact to enable any new features or enhancements

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Provider Portal 2.5, Provider Portal 3.0, Kiosk and Integration. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 

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