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  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Closing a window that was opened from a previous window will reopen the first window
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Visit/Appointment Flag - "Possible Duplicate Patient Detected" 
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Ability to filter Duplicate Patient List by patient first name, last name, and external ID
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - "Swap (Images Only)" button for submit insurance dialog box
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Clicking the thumbnail for the "back" of an insurance card will pull up the "back" image in dialog box
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Clicking on the Secondary Insurance Icon and then the resubmit insurance button will automatically bring up secondary insurance window
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - "Demographics Changed at Kiosk" and "Insurance Changed at Kiosk" flag details will show before/after kiosk check-in
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Past "Not Scheduled" or "Checked In" appointments will be read-only
  • Reports - Only active domains for operations will display in the visit statistics reports
  • Reports - Include average patient age in visit statistics
  • Administrators - Administrators are able to add/remove/rename non-system roles and create custom roles
  • Integration - Demographics for current day visits will not be updated due to an inbound integration message (such as performing a "Quick Reg" in PMS)
  • Kiosk 3.0 - PrimeSUITE: "Bad Debt" setting will terminate the kiosk check-in when a patient has a Collections Balance
  • Kiosk 3.0 - Appointment Estimated Copay will not appear if payment processing is not enabled

Bug Fixes

  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Payer status symbol no longer shows Self Pay icon if patient updates insurance
  • Kiosk 3.0 - Payment Review Screen no longer displays out of place "Amount Due:" text
  • Kiosk 3.0 - Outstanding Balance kiosk label displays correct text
  • Kiosk 3.0 - Removing secondary insurance at kiosk check-in will successfully remove secondary insurance from patient
  • Provider Portal 2.5 - Reason For Visit filtering successfully loads Visit List


Please contact to enable any new features or enhancements

Scope of Release


The release will impact the Provider Portal 2.5, Provider Portal 3.0, Kiosk and Integration. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 



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