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  • Provider Portal 2.5 - Meaningful use statistics report has been removed
  • Provider Portal 2.5 - Administrators will be redirected to portal 3.0 when adding/editing user accounts and roles/permissions
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - User with admin permissions is able to add/remove/edit Custom Forms which can be printed from the Provider Portal
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Custom Forms are available to view via hyperlink and to print from the Visit Details and Quick View
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Error Code description has been shortened to fit in column space
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Tertiary Insurance available on manual check-in page
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Patient ID column is now an option on Visits List
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Manual Check-Ins now trigger an outbound "Visit patient tracking status change" message
  • Provider Portal 3.0 - Print DL or Insurance Cards on a single page
  • Administrator - Administrators can customize permissions for user or admin roles
  • Kiosk 3.0 - Will not match on Acxion individual ID unless we also have a match on 2/3 of first name/last name/DOB
  • Kiosk 3.0 - Now works with Mackey Family Practice VIP cards
  • Kiosk 3.0 - No prompt for subscriber relationship at start of insurance review and will not force re-scan when changing from "unknown"
  • Payment Processing - If visit checked in multiple appointments with a payment at kiosk, only a single CreditCardResponse will be published
  • Integration - "External ID" property removed for Custom Fields
  • Integration - Accept "Patient Copay" via inbound integration for an appointment

Bug Fixes

  • Provider Portal 2.5 - Appointment notes will trigger an alert at check in if this setting is turned on
  • Kiosk 3.0 - No error message when patient edits nine digit zip code
  • Kiosk 3.0 - No DOB error when patient enters a name with an apostrophe
  • Kiosk 3.0 - No prompt to scan insurance when setting is disabled
  • Kiosk 3.0 - Custom field that always expires will update when patient accepts
  • Kiosk 3.0 - Will not ask for secondary insurance cards if this setting is disabled
  • Kiosk 3.0 - Removing insurance images will not trigger "insurance card image uploaded at kiosk" flag


Please contact to enable any new features or enhancements

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Provider Portal 2.5, Provider Portal 3.0, Kiosk and Integration. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 



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