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  • Greenway PrimeSuite Customers - Administrators are able to edit the default billable provider settings from the Admin tab.
  • Greenway PrimeSuite Customers - Race, Ethnicity, and Language fields are included to be mapped via the API for integration.
  • Clearwave can save any individual data sent outbound to Clearwave in order to persist back inbound to the customer via integration.
  • The Relationship to Subscriber field can be configured to be ignored on the Eligibility Conflict Alert.
  • An ExternalPayerId field has been created to improve the quality and accuracy of insurance updates inbound to the customer via integration.
  • Additional information about the appointment, the Provider's Name and Appointment Time, can be displayed on the Thank You screen of the kiosk after the patient checks-in.
  • Release Notes link has been updated to open the Clearwave Confluence page.
  • The patient database Domain can be changed within an organization.
  • The Organization sub-tab in the My Organization section of the Admin tab has been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Question text on custom kiosk questions are now visible in the view modal in the Provider Portal.
  • Eligibility transactions are now submitting 270 requests using the correct provider's time zone.
  • Kiosk Question Reports are now no longer showing disabled custom questions as available reporting fields.
  • The Middle Name field used for integration is now submitting the full middle name instead of truncating to the initial.
  • The batch eligibility verification features is now including weekends to pre-verify eligibility benefits.
  • All custom questions and consent forms are now view-able from a single "Kiosk Questions" link instead of two separate "Consent Forms" and "Kiosk Questions" links.
  • Kiosk Question reports will not show blank data.
  • Filter buttons on the Visit List and Scheduled List are now showing in alphabetical order.
  • The Visit Report will now include cancelled appointment information.
  • Invalid email formats will not be accepted by any Clearwave application.  
  • The Email field no longer needs to be cleared to perform a manual check-in if the patient has designated the "I prefer not to answer" option and the field is enabled to save the same response as valid.
  • The specialist copay selection for BCBS Mississippi has been enhanced.

New Payers

  • Medicaid Indiana


Please contact to enable any new features or enhancements

Scope of Release

The release will impact the Provider Portal, Kiosk and Integration. The actual release should have minimal effect on user workflow. 

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