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Navigation Bar

This is the Clearwave Navigation Bar. It is the main method of navigation inside the Clearwave portal.

Clicking the Clearwave Logo will bring you to the checked in visits page for your default user location.

  (Clearwave Logo)

Sends users to their Default Home Screen, which can be customized by Administrators.  The system default is Today’s Visits page.


Allows access to Today’s Visits, Patient Search/Check In, and Visit Search.


Allows access to New Appointments, Patient Search/Check In, and Appointment Search.


Access to reporting dashboard and tools.


Administrator access to Clearwave Portal settings and configurations.

 (Status Bell)

Opens the Status quick view.  This displays all notices affecting your organization.

 (Payer Notifications)

Opens the Payer Notifications quick view.  This displays real-time statuses for your payer connections.

 (Help & Support)

Opens a drop-down menu for access to Report a Problem and Feedback features.  The Report a Problem feature provides direct access Clearwave’s Support module.  The Feedback feature allows users to provide input on usage, requests, and comments.

 (User Account)

Opens a drop-down menu for access to My Settings & Preferences and Log Out functions.  

The Status Bell button opens the Status quick view. This displays all statuses affecting your organization.


The Payer Notifications button opens the Payer Notifications quick view which display notifications for payers associated with your organization. 

The Help and Support drop-down menu allows you to pick from the following three options, Release Notes, User's Guide, and Training Video. The Release Notes option will bring you to our current Clearwave Release page. The User's Guide option will bring you to the User's Guide page for documentation on how to use the Provider Portal (such as Navigation, Administrator Rights, and various other helpful items). For user convenience, when clicked, the Training Video option will begin a download of our Clearwave Provider Portal Training Video.


The User Preferences drop-down menu allows you to view your personal settings & preferences and sign out.





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