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Many of our clients are opting to have patients wait in their car instead of in the waiting room. In order to do this, we are setting up a custom final kiosk screen to alert your patients to this, then using our real time texting feature to text patients when the doctor is ready to see them. This text is triggered by the front desk staff selecting a specific status (which can be customized for your practice) on the patient's visit. The text sent to patients can also be customized up to 160 characters. A lot of our clients use, "The doctor is ready to see you now, please come to the front desk."

Some of our clients are not having patients come to the kiosk anymore. In this case we put a message in the mobile pre-check email and landing page letting patients know to wait in their cars when they arrive and to alert the staff of their arrival by calling the front desk.

If you do not currently have real time texting enabled, this is something we will be happy to provide for you during this time. Please reach out to our support team for additional information.

Example Final Custom Screen:

Optional additional line - "If you did not update your cell phone number recently, please see the front desk to update this information."
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