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Flags replace the Provider Portal's Alerts. They can be enabled to display on both Visits and Appointments and appear as colored rectangular boxes.

This flag will appear next to the patient's name on the Checked In visits list and is notifies users that patients have changed their demographics at the kiosk. Clicking on the rectangular box will open a window showing previous and new demographics; the  icon will pinpoint which fields have changed. Depending on the integration, these changes can automatically update fields in the client's PMS/HIS. Users should review the flag and make necessary changes in their PMS/HIS.


This flag will appear when there is a discrepancy between the insurance information that is originally sent in the eligibility request and the information that returns from the insurance company in the eligibility response. The  icon will show which fields have discrepancies. Users should click Resubmit with Response Data, and update the patient's record in their PMS/HIS.

This flag is a notifier that something was changed or updated at the kiosk by the patient. Users should note the changes and update their systems accordingly. This alert shows what was on file and the information that was changed.

This flag will appear when there is another payer associated with a Medicare or Medicaid plan. When the Coordination of Benefits is for the current year, the other payer is generally the primary payer on file. Click Resubmit insurance to update the new payer name and resubmit. Update the patient's record in the PMS/HIS.

This flag will notify users that the patient is on a managed care plan and is a Medicaid patient without having to look at the benefits report. The flag appears on the patient row by the resulting eligibility response. 

The Contact Entity Flag appears when an active payer response returns with a "U" EB segment in the 271 EDI Response. It displays the contact information of the entity that can provide eligibility/benefits data according to the responding payer. The flag is green in color and can be configured to trigger on the Visits/Appointments pages in a column next to the Clearwave Insurance Icon.
The Contact Entity Flag may be hidden depending on the service type codes that are being filtered for the practice.


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