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To read more about an individual patient's specific benefits, there is an "eligibility & benefits" page that will show all the information from the insurance on one page. Below is step-by-step instructions on how to navigate eligibility. 

Clicking directly on the icon shown in the "primary" or "secondary" column will bring up a quick view for the insurance on file. Clicking on either the primary or secondary insurance icon will bring up a quick view for the insurance selected. 


Once this window is up, both the primary and secondary insurance (if the patient has active coverage) will have the option to show a list of the benefits they can receive. These can be seen from clicking on the "eligibility & benefits" button.

This will bring up a new window.


This window displays all the information collected from the insurance company. At the top of this window is a bar that allows the user to quickly jump to sections. The first selection is "Payer" and selecting it will take you to the top of the page where the payer information is displayed.


The next selection is "Member," which will pull the information about the patient to the top.


The "Coverage" tab will show what type of coverage the patient has with that insurance company. 


"Benefits" has a drop down menu which allows the user to view different parts of the benefits, depending on the insurance plan and what information is available.




"Services" has the same concept with the drop down menu depending on the insurance plan and what information is available. With some insurance information, some of these tabs may not be available due to the information received from the insurance company.


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