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To see all of the Visit Details for a particular patient, from the quick view, you can click on the blue 'Visit History' link or 'Appointment History' link and you will be directed to the Visit History or Appointment History page.


On the left side you can go to the patient's Visit History, Appointment History or Check in the Patient.  

A) Visit History: See past visits of the patient                                        

B) Appointment History: See past appointments of the patient      

C) Check in Patient: Check in a patient with the information from that visit 




1) Additionally, you can access the Quick View screen by clicking on the patient's name. On this screen, on the right side you have the ability to Refresh your visit, Edit visit, Resubmit Insurance and Print the All Visit Details. 



2) Visit Summary:

A quick summary of why the patient is being seen and what checked them in


3)  Demographics: 

A list of the patients demographics, meaningful use answers, consent form answers and custom fields responses are shown here. 

4) Primary & Secondary Insurance:

Take a closer look at the patient's eligibility details by clicking the blue "eligibility & benefits" button. 




5) Patient Bill 

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